Quote: Have you envisioned wild success lately? - David Allen

What does wild success look like for you?

Last week I shared this quote on my Facebook Page:

Have you envisioned wild success lately? - David Allen

I was at a retreat last month with my business coach, where one thing became clear. Success looks different for the different people in the room. And that’s WONDERFUL.

Some people want to speak on BIG stages, while others prefer staying behind the scenes. Everyone has big dreams. They all just look a little different. One way isn’t “better” than the other.

Each version of wild success has two things in common: it requires clear intention and action.

Knowing all the steps isn’t required, but knowing what you want to accomplish over the next couple of months is essential.

So, what does wild success look like for you? And what’s your plan over the next couple of months to bring you there or closer to it?

I’d love to know!

What’s your plan to end the year strong?

I don’t know about you, but this year has seemed to go by incredibly quickly for me!

I can hardly believe we’re already in the last quarter of the year.

Many business owners are looking at their goals for the year and determining what they need to do to meet them.

How about you? What’s your plan to end the year strong? What actions will you be taking?

If you don’t have a clear plan that includes your action steps, set some time aside this week and create it!

In the words of Philip DeFranco, “It’s never too late and it’s rarely too soon to try to achieve your goals.”

Here’s to a wonderful Fourth Quarter!

frustrated woman with hands on head looking at laptop, text overtop of image reading "Feeling stuck doing everything yourself?"

Feeling stuck doing everything yourself?

I was talking to someone recently that was so stuck in running the day-to-day of her business that it didn’t even seem possible for her NOT to be the one doing everything.

When she contemplated someone else managing her projects, she got excited.

  • What if she could send someone else the ideas and new projects she’s contemplating and they figure out how it fits with the current plans/goals?
  • What if when plans need to be adjusted, someone else does the adjusting and she can focus on what needs to be done now (and not later)?
  • What if that person understands the technology (the CRMs and email management programs) and will set things up for her, so there’s LESS to do?

What if YOU had that right-hand person in your business?

What would that free you up for? If you want to chat about that, let me know.

AND I also know that some of you aren’t ready for that yet.

I have some ideas about how to do some of this on your own.

Have a weekly business meeting with yourself.
In this weekly meeting, you’ll do three things. First, you’ll review how the week went.

Second, you’ll look at your new ideas and decide whether they’re NOW or LATER things. Review your goals, projects, and ideas you’ve already committed to, and be honest with yourself about whether it’s a now or a later idea. If it’s later, then add it to your LATER list.

Third, you’ll create your plan for the upcoming week. Block out time for your projects and tasks, so you don’t schedule something over it.

What can you document to make your life and business easier?
In every business, there are some things we do over and over and over again.

Where can you write out the steps, draft the emails, or save the website links to save you time and energy?

To find these places think about:

  • Where are you looking at emails you previously sent to draft a new email?
  • What website are you always looking for links for?
  • What links/URLs are you always looking for to share?
  • What tasks/projects that you do regularly are you always trying to remember the next step or going back to do something you forgot?

If you have any questions or want some ideas/help, comment below or send me an email and we’ll have a chat!

Background of a wall of doors with text on top "What if you had fewer decisions to make each day"

What if you had fewer decisions to make each day?

What if you had fewer decisions to make each day?

How would that feel?

Would you get more done?

How many times throughout your day are you sitting at your desk deciding what needs to happen next? Only to do it again when you complete that task. You have to mentally go through all of the things that have to happen. And it can be exhausting.

Instead, create that to-do list so that you know what you need to work on next, and you don’t have to make that decision each time you’re ready to move on to a new task.

I’ve had clients tell me that they were surprised at how much smoother their day went with a good to-do list. They didn’t need to try to remember what the next thing was that they needed to get done. They had the next task written down already. The decision was already made.

So create your to-do list!

And if you want to make sure you set up your to-do list to tie in with your goals for the month, the quarter, and the year. I invite you to attend the free training I am doing at the end of April. It’s called Plan Prioritize Profit: The Three Keys to Getting the Right Things Done Each Day. In this training, I will be talking about to-do lists and sharing my framework for how to set them up in a way that allows you to make fewer decisions.

If you prefer listening/watching, you can catch this on YouTube or in my free FB group.

Background of a hands writing DONE on a pink sticky note with text on top "WHY things don't get done: It doesn't need to be done"

WHY things don’t get done: It doesn’t actually need to be done

Welcome to Part Six, the last in the WHY things don’t get done series. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5)

Last week we talked about making things too complicated.

This week we’re talking about things that don’t actually need to be done.

Have you ever talked with someone and they tell you that you should do this? Or they tell you they know someone else who does what you do, and that person does it this way?

It’s not a bad idea, so you put it on your list.

But it just sits there, looming, frustrating you because it doesn’t get done.

It could be a case of productive procrastination (where you do less important things to procrastinate on the more important things). But another reason it doesn’t get done is it doesn’t actually need to be done.

Just because others do it that way doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for you.

These are usually things you think you should do because everyone does it or offers it. However, these can also be things that someone told you you need to do.

If it’s been more than a couple of months, if it was important to you, you’d have already done it (or started it).

This can also happen for things that don’t align with your business intentions or goals. This doesn’t mean it’s unethical. It means that you might be focusing on attracting new clients, and updating that one page on your website doesn’t align with that intention right now. Basically, it’s not a priority right now and can be added to your “later list.”

So, if something has been on your to-do list for a long time, review it to determine if it’s something that you think you should do or it’s just not a priority for you.

If it is a priority for you, set some time aside to start working on it so that your words match your actions.

If you prefer listening/watching, you can catch this on YouTube or in my free FB group.