About Evie Burke

I empower women entrepreneurs to streamline their businesses and remove overwhelm. I’m a Digital/Online Business Manager, blogger, speaker, and the founder of One Insight Closer.

Whether it’s operation and project management, optimizing technology, or breaking down big ideas into obtainable pieces, I use my analytical mind and calm presence to help others work less to accomplish more.

After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from North Central College, I worked as a computer programmer. I’m also a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through iPEC Coaching, a world-class coach training program, and a former board member of ICF Chicago (International Coach Federation). I also ran my coaching business for 11 years.

Before leaving my corporate career, I worked as an Implementation Specialist supporting 100+ million-dollar companies. My responsibilities included troubleshooting problems, finding solutions (and programming them occasionally), and creating clear timelines and project plans.

In 2010, I started One Insight Closer as a blog to encourage women to look for their own insights into their lives. I kept the name because I desire women to have the insights that bring them closer to having the business and life that allows them to have time for everyone and everything they love.

I live 40 miles west of Chicago in Aurora, Illinois, with my husband of 18 years. I love counted cross-stitch (I just finished my large three-year project), dogs (my favorites are other people’s), watching murder mysteries that include a good dose of comedy (a current favorite is the classic Murder, She Wrote), and British Panel shows (you’ll find me cry-laughing at every episode of Taskmaster). I am also very active in my church (which recently walked in the 2022 Aurora Pride Parade) and their Jr/Sr High programs.

“I had been meaning to tackle a big project, but was too intimidated to get started. Evie helped me so much by helping me break it down into realistic chunks that could be completed before the deadline. She also brought up additional tasks that might need to be completed that I hadn’t even thought about, all while working around other things on my calendar to make sure nothing (including self-care) slipped through the cracks.

She also helped me finally write down my to-do list by asking the right questions to figure out where it would make the most sense for me to keep that to-do list to make sure I’ll actually use it instead of letting it die from neglect. I highly recommend reaching out to Evie if you have not done so already.”

Alison Ver Halen

“As a psychic intuitive I get a lot of gut feelings around what I need to do for my business, BUT as a human being who is working through insecurities (do I know enough yet??), fears and concerns I can sometimes doubt my gut, especially when the word business gets attached to the info I receive.  
It was so easy and refreshing to talk to Evie.  She has a way of asking you questions that gets you to open up and sort of lay all the mental clutter on the table.  In just one session with her, I felt like we did a mental housecleaning.  
With her help, I was able to sort through the actionable steps that were sitting in my psyche but were covered by the mental clutter.  She also helped to clarify and connect the dots for me a bit more, creating a plan that is all about working smarter, not harder (my kind of plan!).  
In the end, I received a tangible checklist that I felt confident in taking action on immediately. If you need someone to help get you mentally organized and moving forward with action, you need to book with Evie now!”

Therese Tucker, Psychic Channel & Intuitive Artist