It has limited space, and it’s a terrible office

No, it’s not my office. Although, sometimes I do make this my office and it doesn’t work well for very long.

What has limited space and is a terrible office?

It’s your mind.

It comes from this quote:

It’s so important to have a place (or two, but not many more!) where you will collect your ideas and tasks.

When I started my business, keeping them in a notebook worked best for me. As my business grew, I kept a digital list. My business has now outgrown that and I’ve moved to an online task management system.

It doesn’t matter where you’re keeping your tasks and ideas, as long as it works for you.

And did you know that some people hire others to manage all of that for them? These people send them a short, manageable list every week or every couple of days of what they need to accomplish to stay on track, meet their goals, and bring their big ideas to life.

I remember hearing about it on an Amy Porterfield podcast and thinking, “I’d LOVE to do that!” And now that’s part of my offering!

Again, it doesn’t matter whether you’re managing all your moving pieces or someone else is, as long as you’re not trying to keep it all in your mind (where inevitably something falls through the cracks).

If you want some help with this, reach out!