I’m not wasting time! It’s important time spent for my business!

The other week I had a virtual coffee chat with the CEO of a growing business. I was sharing what I do as an Online Business Manager (OBM) / Project Manager. As I answered one of her questions, I said something about how important it is for CEOs to have time to think and come up with new ideas. They need to have creative time to themselves.

Her eyes got big, and she looked surprised. Then she said, “I’m not wasting time! It’s important time spent for my business!”

Time she spent pondering, going down rabbit trails, and coming up with crazy fun ideas wasn’t procrastinating or wasting time. Suddenly it was essential for growing her business. It reframed how she felt about that time.

How much time do you give yourself each week to dream and think? This is where you come up with crazy, weird, and fun ideas. This is where you ponder what could be next. This is where those ideas that won’t go away are planted and start growing.

Do you have time for this? Or are you too busy managing all the aspects of your business? Instead, be the CEO, the one having the ideas.

There are two ways to fix this.

  1. Learn how to be a time management ninja and possibly put a few more hours into your business.
  2. Let someone else manage the inner workings/operations and give you back a few more hours in your business.

While coaching, I found myself helping people with the first route. Now, I’m helping people with the second route.

If you want to chat about this with me, DM me. It doesn’t matter which camp you’re in.