Do You Wish They Would Do More?

Have you ever wished that someone would do more of something for you, even just once?  Perhaps you wish that your boss would compliment you every once in a while when you do a good job on a project.  Or your husband would take care of that one project you’ve been asking him to do for the last few months. Or maybe you wish that someone took more of an interest in what you do.  Do you have a wish like that?

Let me ask another question: When was the last time you did that thing you wanted more of for that person?  When was the last time you complimented your boss or quickly took care of something that was important to your husband or took an interest in what someone else does (and really listened)?

You get what you give right?  So what are you giving and what do you want to get?  Think about it and this week try to give more of what you would like to receive.  You might be surprised at your results!

Let me know how it goes!