Complaining Lowers Your Energy

I’ve written before about not complaining.  Today I thought I’d share a specific example about how not complaining kept my energy higher throughout the day.

In September of last year I want to a day long event in St Louis on a Sunday.  I didn’t want to take any time off to attend and I hadn’t told anyone at work that I was training to be a coach and the event was about making money as an entrepreneur.  So, I didn’t want to come into work too late either.  That meant I would either be driving home really late Sunday night or flying home early Monday.  I decided to fly (the airfare from O’Hare to St. Louis vs the gas and time cost made it cheaper).

Flying meant I had to be up, ready for work, and out of the hotel by 5am.  My husband picked me up at O’Hare and I was at work around 8:30, which was actually a little early for me because I usually got to work around 9am.

I was very tired that morning because I went to bed late on Sunday and was up very early on Monday.  However, I couldn’t complain about it to anyone because they didn’t know what I was up to!  The result was I didn’t wallow in the fact that I didn’t get very much sleep and actually kept my energy at a decent level throughout the day.  If I would have complained about it all day I would have felt tired and been unproductive all day.

Complaining takes energy and it lowers your energy.  When you make the effort to stop complaining, your energy shifts and you have more physical and mental energy available to you!

Tell me about a time you noticed this in your life in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Complaining Lowers Your Energy

  1. Nice example! Sometimes we like to complain and wallow. I don’t know why though, it doesn’t help and as you said it does lower our energy. Next time I want to complain and wallow, I’ll think about this and try to move on. Thanks for the suggestion.

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