Play BIG

There are two phrases that I see a lot that really bug me: Play BIG and Hustle.

I get tired even seeing the words.

This week we’ll look at playing BIG and next week we’ll look at hustle.

Play BIG
We’re constantly told to stop playing small, play big! Raise the prices! Big success can happen all at one! Just believe in it and keep doing the work (keep hustling)!

But what if playing BIG isn’t always about making ONE big decision or setting ONE big goal?

What if sometimes playing BIG is about laying the groundwork for the journey?

What If playing BIG is really just a path of small steps that we take that builds us up?

What if playing BIG is taking an afternoon off to walk in the park, just because you want to?

I remember a coach telling me that I should play BIG, that the success I was looking for would come from a BIG action. Because that’s what she had done and it worked!

Something I realized later was she had almost 10 years of ground work to that BIG action. No, it wasn’t all directly business related, but she had done years of mindset work that equipped her for that BIG action (I’m sure it was still scary).

So, when you’re thinking about what playing BIG might look like for you, what is the groundwork that you want to lay that will support that success?

One thought on “Play BIG

  1. Hi Evie,
    Many successful people talk about how they became a thirty-year “overnight” success. Thanks for reframing this and reminding me of the value of patience and persistence.

    Missed coming to Atlanta…would have loved to have seen you.


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