Fix me!

In April when I was feeling sorry for myself taking some time off, I was trying to figure out what my next steps were when I had this thought that stopped me in my tracks “Should I share my situation with this person? Because she’ll tell me what to do and that would be really nice.”

Do you see what happened with that thought?

I was frustrated and tired of making decisions that didn’t seem to be working. So, I wanted someone else to make decisions for me for a bit.

I wanted to be fixed (this was one of the realizations that lead to the Friday afternoon sobbing realization that I’m not broken).

There’s a line between (1) being responsible for yourself and your business while recognizing that you want and need help and (2) laying everything in front of someone else and saying “what should I do now” (when you really mean “fix me!”).

One is empowering and the other is not.

One is you being the leader in your life and your business and the other letting someone else lead.

Sometimes, the line can be tricky, because the question might sound the same “hey, I need help with this.” The difference is in why you’re asking.

So, are you looking for someone else to make decisions for you?

Or are you discerning your next steps and looking for other options you might not think of on your own?

Where do you end up? Share in the comments below.

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