Dealing with the unexpected

It happens to everyone at one point or another.

Something happens, a chain of events is started, or something is missed and WHAM the day or week you expected becomes something else entirely.

There are a few different ways to handle it.

Some ways work better than others.

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #69

Do you know what your next 4 weeks look like?

Some weeks I start this newsletter with a story that then develops into the topic for the Wednesday LIVE (and I didn’t know the topic until I wrote the story).

Other weeks, I have a topic in mind to cover and no story that nicely leads into it.

This is one of those weeks with no story introduction 🙂

Instead, it’s just an introduction to the topic.


Four weeks from today April will be over and it will be May.

What do you want those four weeks to look like?

Are there things you want to accomplish?

Or maybe there’s a tone you want to set and maintain?

Let’s go over that in this week’s LIVE.

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #61

Steps to procrastinate less

Over the past two weeks I’ve completed over a dozen informal, short interviews with women entrepreneurs about productivity.

I’m still looking at the information, but one thing that came up quite a bit was time management and prioritization.

I want to look at something this week that is embedded in both of those topics: procrastination.

Specifically, we’ll look at why we procrastinate and steps to take to procrastinate significantly less.

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #48

We talked about

  • Common reasons we procrastinate
  • Why self-care is so important
  • Productive and Unproductive procrastination – what they both look like and what to do about them

One thing to do before you set your goals

Let’s talk about one thing to do before you set your goals.

No, this isn’t about reviewing the past year.

It’s about becoming clear about the things you currently have going on in your business.

It the all-important brain dump.

Normally, once the brain dump is done, I hear one of two things:

  1. It’s so overwhelming to see it all written out like this!
  2. It’s so empowering to have all of that out of my head and to see what actually needs to be done!

So, I’ll cover how to move from the first response to the second one.

And it won’t take very long to cover this!

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #47

In the LIVE:

  • Why it’s important to do the braindump before you set your goals
  • How to do a successful brain dump (some areas to think about)
  • The difference between it being overwhelming and empowering