Looking away when networking

Last week I gave you space to contemplate where you might be looking away. If you haven’t read it or taken some time to reflect, you can find last week’s article here.

This week let’s look at one of places you might be looking away: your networking.

I bet you’ve done it.

I know I have and most people do.

It most often happens in that uncomfortable moment when you part from the person you were talking with, or when the meeting is over and people are getting up and connecting with each other.

You’re alone with no one to talk to and you look away – and at your phone.

Looking away isn’t always as obvious as looking at your phone, but it is one way we quickly and easily look away when networking.

We don’t want to feel uncomfortable and the phone is an easy distraction from that feeling. And it can also make us unapproachable, others don’t want to interrupt.

Why does this situation feel uncomfortable to you and how can you be present to it and move past it? When you do this what does it open you up for?

My challenge to you is to not do this at your next networking event.

I’d love to know your thoughts and opinions around this! Share in the comments below.