Looking away

I’ve been thinking about the topic of “looking away” for almost two weeks. It’s shown up for me in many places and I’ve wanted to write about it here.

So, we’ll be exploring this topic for the next couple weeks.

This week let’s look at what I mean by “looking away.”

It’s those places in your life or business that are uncomfortable to look at for too long, for whatever reason.

Looking away from conversations, actions, events, beliefs or even people allows us to stay comfortable or at least know what to expect (which might not be exactly comfortable, but can feel more comfortable than the unknown).

Looking away can also mean we plateau, don’t grow or don’t become more of what we really want.

Today I want to give you space to fill in what it looks like for you without my interpretations or ideas of where you might look away.

What do you notice you look away from?

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