Are you stopped and looking for momentum?

One word keeps appearing for me over and over again this year: momentum.

Other words keep showing up to, they blend together a bit in my head: amplify, engagement, emerging.

How amplify appeared is probably my favorite.

In March I had back-to-back business trips. They both involved training and challenging myself.

In the couple of days between events I was writing in my journal contemplating how to bring more ME to how I show up in my business, networking and the day-to-day.

And in the handouts/worksheets from the second event I was contemplating how to be more ME and what I really offer to my clients.

But I didn’t have a word for it. The word found me though, in an email sent by a computer glitch.

It was from the coach at the first event and the subject line was “Welcome to AMPLIFY, Evie!!”

Curious, because I didn’t join her program, I opened it. And in the opening graphic were the words “Amplify, Be More You”

It wasn’t a sign to join the program; it was guidance to a word that I was looking for: amplify.

Which brings me to a word in the title: stopped.

“Stopped” is what I had been feeling. Specifically in my business, but also in many other places.

And momentum was what I really wanted.

Amplify, engagement, and emerging are words I needed to define for myself and my business first.

Do you relate to this?

​Maybe you’ve had a similar experience?

Or maybe you find yourself there now?

If you want more momentum and engagement,
If you want to amplify yourself and your business and to emerge,
then let’s talk.

In a 30-45 minute conversation we can take that step back from always being IN your business and look at what might be going on. We’ll identify a next step or two toward momentum and engagement.

So, if you’re interested in this leave a comment below or email me at