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Ask, Believe, Participate

I recently was at a meeting where the speaker talked about creating miracles. He outlined three steps that stayed with me despite the fact that I didn’t write them down. I’d heard versions of this before in various places, but he said it so succinctly: Ask, Believe, Participate. Sometimes we might wonder if we’re worthy of receiving a miracle.  If this describes you replace the word miracle with outcome or results as you read. Now, let’s review each step in … Continue reading

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Complaining Lowers Your Energy

I’ve written before about not complaining.  Today I thought I’d share a specific example about how not complaining kept my energy higher throughout the day. In September of last year I want to a day long event in St Louis on a Sunday.  I didn’t want to take any time off to attend and I hadn’t told anyone at work that I was training to be a coach and the event was about making money as an entrepreneur.  So, I … Continue reading

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Do You Wish They Would Do More?

Have you ever wished that someone would do more of something for you, even just once?  Perhaps you wish that your boss would compliment you every once in a while when you do a good job on a project.  Or your husband would take care of that one project you’ve been asking him to do for the last few months. Or maybe you wish that someone took more of an interest in what you do.  Do you have a wish … Continue reading

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