Ask, Believe, Participate

I recently was at a meeting where the speaker talked about creating miracles. He outlined three steps that stayed with me despite the fact that I didn’t write them down. I’d heard versions of this before in various places, but he said it so succinctly: Ask, Believe, Participate.

Sometimes we might wonder if we’re worthy of receiving a miracle.  If this describes you replace the word miracle with outcome or results as you read.

Now, let’s review each step in more detail:

  1. Ask or pray for the miracle. You could also describe this as setting an intention (what outcome do you want).  Some people ask the universe for their miracle, others pray to God, both work!  When asking for your miracle use positive language.  Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.
  2. Believe the miracle will happen! Think of how it will feel once the miracle occurs and picture what will be different.
  3. Participate in the miracle. If you’ve done the first steps, you don’t get to sit on the sofa and watch TV while you wait for your miracle to occur.  There is some work involved!  What steps do you need to take to make your miracle happen?  This step is the easiest to forget about and it’s just as important as the first two steps.  Opportunities will appear that will take you closer to your miracle and you want to be available to say yes to them.

I know this works and that it doesn’t always work in the way that you expect.  After I got a bad review at work and decided to hire my first coach I set my intention (asked for my miracle) that I would become clear about what my next career step was going to be, because I didn’t feel it would be with the current company.  I believed that I was completely capable of determining what my next step would be and felt excited about what my future held.  I wrote out things that I wanted to have in my next job like the work I wanted to do, my commute time and what my cubicle looked like.  I participated by continuing to work with my coach and doing the assignments.  And a week after asking for my miracle it came in a form I did NOT expect: I was laid off because the company was being sold!  If you’re interested you can read the story here.  One interesting thing is that when I was rehired, many of the things I wanted in my next job were present because I was in a new position, a new cubicle and was working with great people.

I challenge you to think about what miracles (or outcomes or events) you’re praying/asking for and to go through the three steps (Ask, Believe, Participate) this week.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Complaining Lowers Your Energy

I’ve written before about not complaining.  Today I thought I’d share a specific example about how not complaining kept my energy higher throughout the day.

In September of last year I want to a day long event in St Louis on a Sunday.  I didn’t want to take any time off to attend and I hadn’t told anyone at work that I was training to be a coach and the event was about making money as an entrepreneur.  So, I didn’t want to come into work too late either.  That meant I would either be driving home really late Sunday night or flying home early Monday.  I decided to fly (the airfare from O’Hare to St. Louis vs the gas and time cost made it cheaper).

Flying meant I had to be up, ready for work, and out of the hotel by 5am.  My husband picked me up at O’Hare and I was at work around 8:30, which was actually a little early for me because I usually got to work around 9am.

I was very tired that morning because I went to bed late on Sunday and was up very early on Monday.  However, I couldn’t complain about it to anyone because they didn’t know what I was up to!  The result was I didn’t wallow in the fact that I didn’t get very much sleep and actually kept my energy at a decent level throughout the day.  If I would have complained about it all day I would have felt tired and been unproductive all day.

Complaining takes energy and it lowers your energy.  When you make the effort to stop complaining, your energy shifts and you have more physical and mental energy available to you!

Tell me about a time you noticed this in your life in the comments!

Do You Wish They Would Do More?

Have you ever wished that someone would do more of something for you, even just once?  Perhaps you wish that your boss would compliment you every once in a while when you do a good job on a project.  Or your husband would take care of that one project you’ve been asking him to do for the last few months. Or maybe you wish that someone took more of an interest in what you do.  Do you have a wish like that?

Let me ask another question: When was the last time you did that thing you wanted more of for that person?  When was the last time you complimented your boss or quickly took care of something that was important to your husband or took an interest in what someone else does (and really listened)?

You get what you give right?  So what are you giving and what do you want to get?  Think about it and this week try to give more of what you would like to receive.  You might be surprised at your results!

Let me know how it goes!