Year In Review and Creating Habits

It’s almost the end of 2013. In this time between Christmas and New Year’s day I tend to automatically start reviewing the past year.

Something that I’ve noticed is extremely important for me (and my clients) are habits. Habits are something that support or hinder (depending on the habit), our goals.

So, I was thinking about some of the things that did and didn’t work this year and created an exercise that I’m planning on spending some time with.

Basically, it’s reviewing what did and didn’t work. Why it did or didn’t work and what habits supported success, which ones supported the failures or which habits will support future successes based on past lessons.

Here’s the details:

  1. What didn’t work?
    1. Write down what didn’t work this year or what fell short of your expectations.
    2. What lead to that?
    3. What are some habits that you might want to change or create as a result?
  2. What did work?
    1. Write down what did work this year or what went beyond your expectations.
    2. What lead to that?
    3. What are the habits that helped support that success?
  3. Review the habits you wrote down.
  4. Pick a habit or two that you will commit to creating over the next 20 to 60 days.

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What habits are you creating in 2014? Share in the comments below!