Reviewing 2013 and Defining 2014

Last week’s topic was about what worked and didn’t work last year and the habits that you want to create this year.

This week, I encourage you to review 2013 a little bit more and make 2014 even more successful.

  1. What did you accomplish in 2013 that you are most proud of?
  2. What did you do in 2013 that prior to 2013 was too far outside of your comfort zone to even be a possibility (what did you do that was a bit scary but really worth it)?
  3. What is one fear, limiting belief or other obstacle that you overcame in 2013?
  4. What, or who, supported you the most in 2013?
  5. If you accomplish nothing else in 2014, what one thing do you want to accomplish that will make you the most proud?
  6. What’s one thing that is a bit outside your comfort zone that you will accomplish this year?
  7. One is one fear, limiting belief or other obstacle that is hindering your success that you will overcome this year?
  8. What is one thing that you will do that will support you (and your success) in 2014?

Share your biggest ah-ha moment in the comments below.