What Are Your Traditions?

Journaling_at_DeskDo you have any traditions in your personal life?

I’m sure you do. Whether it’s how you spend Christmas, birthdays or what dish Aunt Sally brings to family get-togethers, we all have traditions.

Do you make time for those traditions? Probably. You reserve a day or afternoon to see your family and celebrate that milestone or holiday. You spend time preparing whatever dish you’re going to bring or cleaning the house.

You think about it in advance. You plan for it.

What are the traditions you have in your business? You probably have them, whether you realize it or not.

Some traditions are imposed on us, think taxes.

Some we do accidentally, perhaps taking a mental break during December.

Some we do purposefully, maybe you set goals for the new year.

And some might just be by association, the networking group you go to every month does a grab bag every December.

Some are helpful, the goals.

Some might be renewing, taking a mental break.

And some might be frustrating because they’re imposed and we aren’t prepared when they arrive, filing taxes.

What traditions do you have in your business? What traditions would you like to have or would you like to (and can) break?

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