What “share what you need” is really asking

Tell me, have you ever been to a networking meeting where you’re asked to share something that you need with the group?

Usually, at least half (if not more) of the group shares who their ideal client is and do some version of asking for an introduction to anyone you know that fits the description.

While it’s important to know who your ideal client is and be able to describe them, that’s not really what the “share something that you need” question is about. They’re really looking for a service or product that you need or want right now.

They want to know who you’re an ideal client for and help connect you with them.

And I get it, this can be really difficult to figure out. So think about these questions:

  • Is there something you need done that you’d like to hire out for? Business or personal.
  • Is there a resource that you’re looking for yourself or to recommend to your clients?
  • Is there some information that you’re looking for?
  • Is there something you’re planning on researching that someone there might be able to help you out with (a five minute conversation with a knowledgeable person versus two hours of online searches and distractions)
  • Are you looking for a connection with a business that has the same ideal client as you, but with a different business focus? (have an idea about how you see this connection working for both of you)

At one such group, I asked for recommendations for a contact management system and instantly had three people make recommendations. People love to help!

So, next time you’re asked “what is something you need or are looking for right now?” how will you answer?

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One thought on “What “share what you need” is really asking

  1. This is great advice, Evie! What a good way to get people to come talk to you instead of standing there feeling awkward after the whole intro session! Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll have to start thinking of some things I can ask for, even if I just need something to say…

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