A great place to network (sorry guys)

I’m writing this from the hotel of the event/conference I’m at. I wrote something last week (that you’ll see next week) so I wouldn’t need to do this.

However, sometimes you have a realization that you just have to share.

My realization: some of the best networking happens in the line to the women’s bathroom (sorry guys!).

Think about it. You probably have a few minutes together with nothing else to do but look at the ceiling, floor or walls. Why not enjoy the company of those around you!

And it’s probably the easiest place to say “Hi” too. Just turn around and introduce yourself (Hi, I’m [name]). She’ll introduce herself, you can ask her what her business is and you’re off! Don’t forget to ask for a card.

Oh, and if you’ve been given a name tag where your name slides in and you clip it to your shirt or lanyard, then slide some of your cards behind your name and put the cards of your new friends there too.

Don’t forget to write down when and where you met them! You remember now, but by the time you get home it will have all muddled together.

Where do you notice the best networking happens? Share in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “A great place to network (sorry guys)

  1. I network everywhere there is a line. Grocery store, Starbucks, Dr’s office ~ which really don’t go to anymore. Anyways, the possibilities are endless! Compliment someone on their dress, shoes, baby… and off you go!

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