Question of the Fortnight #5

What was your first networking experience?
Question of the Fortnight

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What is a fortnight? It’s 14 days or 2 weeks.

What is “Question of the Fortnight?” Every other week I’ll ask a question here on the blog. Through out the two weeks I’ll update the blog post with some of your answers. These will be from the comments below, from people I see networking and any other way I happen to receive your answer to the question.

4 thoughts on “Question of the Fortnight #5

  1. I actually had to go back to my calender to remember which group I first went to. I remember what I was feeling on the way there (the same feeling I had for probably the first few months of networking): scared and wondering if I had the time and location correct. This all rested in my stomach and back. My stomach felt heavy and my back felt tight and tingly (what I refer to as my “I’m in trouble and shouldn’t be doing this” feeling).

    At the actual event, I think I talked more about the job I just left the week before than about my brand new business. The event was in someone’s home and she was very caring, understanding and helpful. It was a safe place to start networking journey 🙂

  2. My first event I was still working full time. Not knowing better, even though business training always tells you this, I thought I would get all sorts of referrals and product sales if I took a day off work and went to one! I was very nervous, yet confident in what my company had to offer. You see, I was a Probation Officer Supervisor. I was used to a clientele of criminals! Easy to talk with! Well, truly it was not until I retired that I learned that it is not about sales, it is about building solid relationships. The rest will come. Now I am blessed to be part of several wonderful networking groups and have made many friends.

  3. WOW I had to go back. The first networking event I attended was Founding Moms Naperville (it was held at a chocolate shop). Later that same month I attended a B.I.G. group in Carol Stream and WESOS.

    I’ve attended other groups since I opened my business, but my instincts (or search efforts at must be pretty strong because I am still involved with these groups.

  4. It was just about a year ago. There was a WESOS “satellite” event in Minooka. I was just thinking about how I had just started Life Coaching training and was starting into my drama camp season. Now I’m starting into my last season of it and planning life coaching events for next summer as a result of the confidence and knowledge I’ve gotten from these groups!

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