What Season Are You In?

Flowers through the snowSupposedly, the season is changing here in the Midwest from winter to spring. The weather must have received the memo on that a bit late though. So, I’ve been thinking more than usual about seasons changing.

And while I was wondering if it was ever going to warm up, I had a random question pop into my head: What season am I in and what’s the next one?

I journaled about that for a bit and it highlighted what I want to leave behind me in my business and what I want for the future. It was really useful, so I wanted to share the prompts I used with you.

  1. What season of your life / business are you leaving?
    And what behaviors, habits, results, feelings, etc. characterized that season?

  2. What is the next season of your life / business?
    1. What is the melting snow washing away?
      What behaviors, habits, feelings, results, etc. are you leaving behind?

    2. What flowers are coming up?
      What behaviors habits, feelings, results, etc. will characterize this coming season?

    3. What additional behaviors, habits, feelings, results, etc. need to be washed away to allow those new flowers to flourish?
    4. What kind of fertilizer or care will encourage those flowers to grow?
      What support or strategies will you have in place?

Print this out and spend some time with it.

You’ll find some really great insights to where you want to be in your business. And, you’ll outline some of the ways that will support you on that path.

I’d love to know a little bit about your seasons! Share what season you’re leaving or what season is just beginning for you below!