What Are You Noticing?

Businesswoman Looking Through BinocularsSomeone I respect and love recently posted a video for their upcoming program.

In person, I find them kind, warm and funny.

In the video, they were clearly trying to make a point and take a stand.

Which is good, right?

You want videos (and articles) to make a point and stand for something.

And maybe it’s only because I know them in person, but I couldn’t help but wonder – where is that kind, warm and funny person I know?

The person in the video is rehearsed and awkward.

Where is the smile and twinkle in the eye? How could have they brought more of that to the video?

It seemed too… perfect and planned… trying too hard.

And then I wondered: What does this say about me? Why am I noticing this? Why am I not appreciating the message being delivered, the stand this person is taking for what they believe in?

I came up with two answers:

  1. I’m afraid of coming off as too rehearsed sometimes, too perfect and planned, trying too hard. Interestingly, I’m also afraid of coming across as unprepared or not prepared enough. Or somehow not sharing the warmth and kindness that I know I have.
  2. Maybe this video is exactly what it needs to be. Maybe I don’t resonate with it because it’s not meant for me. Or maybe I’m so busy putting my “stuff” on someone else, that I’m not allowing the message to really sink in.

Why am I sharing this story with you?

It’s easy to be critical of someone or something else, easy notice that they’re doing it wrong.

After all, we see those things pointed out all the time – worst dressed lists, reality TV shows or someone casually saying “that’s not how I would have done it.” We expect it and we look for it so we have something to talk about with our family and friends.

What if we started looking at ourselves instead? No, I’m not suggesting you notice everything you perceive as wrong with yourself.

Instead, what if you asked yourself why you noticed what you noticed? In many cases, you’ll find that it’s (1) something you do yourself (or think you do) that you wish you didn’t do or (2) something you used to do and wish you hadn’t. Basically, there’s some self-judgment happening.

I challenge you to think about this and observe what you notice this week.

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