Not Knowing HOW… and being okay with that

woman looking out windowLet me know in the comments below if this sounds familiar:

Last week you were in a magical place that felt somewhere in between 2013 and 2014 and everything and anything was possible there. And it was so much fun and exciting to be in that place and see the possibilities!

And then you were suddenly dropped squarely into 2014.


And all those possibilities are suddenly feeling drowned by the day in and day out of your everyday life. You already had full days, there’s no more time for new things, no matter how fun and exciting they (or their outcomes) are.

Does any of that feel familiar?

I truly believe that there’s a magic to dreaming what our business and our lives can be. We tap into something bigger than us. Something that takes us gently by the hand, lifts a curtain over a doorway we didn’t know was there, and allows us to peek through. While patting us gently on the back and whispering into our ear “it’s totally possible for you.” Then we’re given a hug and that person with the twinkling, knowing eyes leaves us. And we’re left with a wonderful vision that we know is possible. And we don’t know the HOW.


It’s that HOW that sometimes gets me. I love knowing HOW. It’s comforting to know the steps. I want to get from A to B and this is the map that will get me there in 3 steps and 2 hours. LOVE that.

And the vision, that dream of what can be, of what will be, is different.

We’re left to determine the HOW by ourselves. Sometimes it might feel impossible, at other times daunting and then there’s those really wonderful and cool times where it feels completely possible – no, even better than that, it feels like REALITY.

As someone who LOVES to plan, being okay with not knowing the HOW is uncomfortable and often just plain frustrating.

Knowing the next one or two steps I need to take IS actually enough and I’m slowly learning to be okay with that.

Does that mean that I’m not planning or making decisions? Of course I’m still planning! I know what my next big project is and I have rough estimates of dates and time reserved to map out exactly what I want to happen and want to do to make it a reality.

AND I’m okay with not knowing what’s coming immediately after that. 

I prefer to look at it this way: so much more will be opened to me in the coming months, new opportunities and directions, that I’d be doing my self a disservice by limiting myself to my current view.

I don’t know what the future holds. And for the first time in a long while, I’m okay with that.

And the path there, it’s going to be so much fun!

One thought on “Not Knowing HOW… and being okay with that

  1. Being married to a Chinese person I have this really kind of weird concept of the “reboot” of a new year. Jan. 1 is New Years, but sometime between (around) Jan. 20 and (around) Feb. 19 is Chinese New Year. So if the New Year reboots in a way that overwhelms me, I just have a few weeks to wait around for the LUNAR New Year.

    Usually by then I’m pretty comfortable with the new year (and am even dating checks correctly).

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