It happens every couple months

It happens every couple of months.

I sit down to write this article to you and decide the topic of the week’s Wednesday LIVE with Evie and nothing comes. No topic or article will show up.

It happened yesterday.

It happened today.


However, I did have an idea early today.

I could not do Wednesday LIVE with Evie and offer complimentary Productivity Coaching Calls to a couple people.

I mulled the idea around. “Nah,” I thought, “I’ve committed to do this every week, I’ll figure it out. I always do.”

And the idea that kept popping up was offering coaching calls.

So, I’m offering five 60-minute complimentary Productivity Coaching Calls this week.

On the call, we’ll talk about what your main frustration with your productivity is right now. And by the end of the call, you’ll have clarity and your first steps to eliminate that frustration.

And Wednesday LIVE with Evie will return next week.