Lots didn’t get done

Last week there was no Wednesday LIVE with Evie because, as I shared, I couldn’t come up with a topic.

What I didn’t share was that I wasn’t feeling great and focusing on anything beyond the surface level at the beginning of last week wasn’t happening.

So, lots of things that I wanted to get done last week didn’t get done.

And it’s okay.

A few years ago this would have completely thrown me into a tizzy. Because all the things needed to get done!

I would have felt behind.

Part of that is because of how I viewed productivity and specifically my productivity.

Then, productivity was all about getting as many tasks done as possible and spending every minute of work toward that endeavor.

And this is fine if you work in a widget factory and your task each day is to connect part a to part b. Then your focus should be on how to connect more parts each hour.

However, neither of us work in widget factories and your day-to-day is much more involved (and hopefully fun) than connecting widget parts.

For entrepreneurs like us, productivity is really about knowing the important tasks you want/need to accomplish and getting them done.

Which is really easy to say, but how do you do that?

Especially when there are so many things that you want to and could do.

Let’s talk about that for this week’s Wednesday LIVE with Evie (at 1pm CDT).

Update: You can watch this Wednesday LIVE with Evie here.