Excitement and Fear

On Friday I start a three-day training class that will mark the beginning of my training as a life coach.  This is what I’m meant to be doing right now, but I get really scared about the changes I’m making as often as I get really excited about it.

What is it about these big changes that makes us excited and scared at the same time?  I think it’s because we’re leaving our comfort zone and going into something we can’t exactly know what to expect.  Part of us wants to put the brakes on and comes up with lots of excuses.  I remember having the scared feeling especially strongly when I was 18 and driving to my first class at my community college.  I was no longer going to be in the familiar company of the kids I went to my small high school with, many who I’d known since grade school.  I made it through that day and the next two years at that college and I met friends that I still get together with now.

This experience and others have taught me that the things I’m most excited and scared about are also the most rewarding.  I keep telling myself that when I get really scared about being trained as a life coach and the changes I plan on making to my life as a result.  When I get really excited about the changes that are coming I really allow myself to feel the excitement (and remember that excitement when I’m having a scared moment!).

I’d like to say that we shouldn’t be scared of change, but being scared is part of the growing process.  Instead, don’t let the part of you that’s scared define you or your choices.  Acknowledge that you’re scared and identify exactly what it is you’re scared about, for me it’s failure.  Work through that fear and if you need help doing that, then get help. Don’t let the fear stop you from making the right decisions for yourself.