Stop that Bad Day

Ever had a bad day?  I mean a really bad day from start to finish?  In the morning your juice glass breaks and then you get makeup on your shirt and have to change.  At work, nothing seems to quite go right and by the time you get home all you have the energy to do is sit in front of the TV and snack instead of making dinner.

Ever wish you could stop that bad day in its tracks? Do you know that you can?  No, really, you can.  Yesterday started out similar to the above for me.  My husband joked that I should just go back to bed.  Instead I decided that the tone of my day would not be set by a couple of unfortunate incidents.  I brushed the experiences off, changed my shirt and went to work.  When my work schedule changed unexpectedly I smiled instead of being grumpy.

We have the power to change our day.  When you have a couple of annoying or upsetting things happen, don’t dwell on it.  Instead, look for the good things in the rest of your day.

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