Wrapping things up

Welcome to 2017!

I’ve spent the last couple days dreaming what I want 2017 to look like and doing some planning. No surprise there though 🙂

Today I had planned on wrapping up that planning, but instead found myself wrapping up a different project. I completed my last promotional task for ICF Chicago. I’m grateful for the time I spent volunteering with ICFC, but it also feels good to be done.

From there I dove into my email. Gmail manages my email and I let it sort it into the 4 categories it gives you. All newsletters end up in one category and in a week I can easily accumulate over 100 emails there.

I generally skim through for the emails I want to read now and save the rest for later.

I realized that there were a number of emails that I haven’t read in a while. Looking over them I realized a majority are from people that I personally LOVE, but I’m not actually interested in their business content. I’m more interested in their lives and personal Facebook posts.

I must have unsubscribed from about a dozen lists today after having that realization.

There is a theme here, you might have noticed it—it’s wrapping things up and letting things go.

I’ve let go of a few things in the last couple of weeks. They include:

  • Volunteer positions
  • Email subscriptions
  • An old hurt that was holding me back
  • Christmas traditions that no longer are helpful
  • Clutter in my Facebook feed
  • My old newsletter format (I loved the simplicity of this format so much last week that I’m keeping it!)

And this is my Facebook Live topic for this week too. You can view it here.

I talk about wrapping up things up and letting go of things, and how to intentionally let things in (nature abhors a vacuum – ever cleaned off a counter and noticed how quickly it gets filled?).​​

What do you want to let go of? Share below!