How do you react to life’s unexpected twists?

The past few days have had a couple of unexpected twists!

Nothing bad happened, just unexpected.

  1. We weren’t able to see Nate’s sister and her husband over the holidays and found out late last week that they were going to be visiting Nate’s parents. So, we spent Sunday afternoon and evening there.
  2. On Saturday I took my car in for an overdue oil change. And I found out that a gasket was going bad and my car was slowly leaking oil. A fairly quick trip was now longer.
  3. And just before I sat down to write this, Nate popped into ask if I could help him with a work task of his this afternoon.

How would you react to these unexpected twists?

You can be honest, no one will know your answer but you 😉

A couple of years ago this is what would have happened:

  1. I would have been frustrated that I didn’t know about their trip earlier and now need to change my plans or stay home alone! (I plan out my week on Sunday afternoons)
  2. Overwhelmed because my car needed work done and now my afternoon of plans needed to change.
  3. Annoyed because apparently my husband doesn’t think I have anything to do this afternoon because my calendar is blank.

Maybe that sounds familiar?

Here’s what actually happened:

  1. I was excited to see my sister- and brother-in-law and catch up with them. Yay family time!
  2. I was relieved that they found the problem before our trip, but concerned that it wouldn’t be done. I shared this with them and they were able to complete the work that day!
  3. I agreed to help him later and I knew that no was an option 🙂 I set the expectation that I’d need to return to my office for a bit later this evening to wrap some things up.

Going from one set of reactions to the other didn’t happen overnight. It’s a combination of:

  • knowing what needs to be done, even if I haven’t planned out the current week, because I’ve taken the time to set goals and plan for them over the month.
  • changing my relationship with my goals, tasks and time. Sometimes my goals felt like they were a square peg and time was a round hole.

Which area currently most trips you up?

I talked about this LIVE on Facebook here.

Let me know what trips you up when life sends you unexpected twists!