Is your previous experience helping or hindering?

I was driving somewhere the other day (I don’t remember where) and was thinking about my goals and what I want to accomplish/complete next year. And I thought about how I wanted to plan for meeting those goals and completing those things.

I started to think about my time in cubicle-land (in my previous profession). There I was responsible for my projects, I took support calls for two to three clients, researched those issues, and sometimes did tasks that were part of co-workers projects.

But most of my time WORKING was spent alone with a computer.

In retrospect there were two unspoken rules from my time in cubicle-land:

  1. Overwhelm is normal, because anything else means you aren’t pulling your weight and are causing others more work!
  2. REAL work is done just me and the computer. Everything else is more of a distraction.

These unspoken rules don’t serve me as an entrepreneur (a case can be made that they didn’t really serve me then either).

I realized this pretty early on for rule #1 and started working with it. I occasionally need to remind myself it’s not true if I fall into old habits.

But I only recently realized there was a rule #2. It’s caused me to rethink how I do some things and what kind of projects are actually important.

One project that I’ve been wanting to complete for almost a year falls squarely in that “me and the computer” arena. And the return on my time for completing that project is currently fairly minimal compared to other things.

My question for you: How might your experience from your former profession/job be helping or hindering your goal setting and planning?

In this week’s Facebook Live we’ll touch on that a bit before we get into the meat of it – which is planning next year. I’ll walk you through a process to plan your next year (or next quarter).

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