What’s Your Definition of Busy?

Girl WorkingLet’s talk about one of my least favorite words: busy.

According to Merriam-Webster.com the definition is:

  1. a. engaged in action: occupied
    b. being in use
  2. full of activity: bustling
  3. foolishly or intrusively active
  4. full of distracting detail

The definition I like and strive for is “engaged in action,” although I might change it to “engaged in intentional forward moving action.”

However, usually when I find myself (or clients) using the word busy, what I really mean is “full of distracting detail.”

This isn’t always the case, but in my past I’ve used it in that way so many times that I have some baggage with the word and tend to avoid it all together.

When you’re busy, which definition are you usually using? What definition would you like to be using?

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One thought on “What’s Your Definition of Busy?

  1. Personally I consider myself “busy” when I am not able to attend to the things that I CHOOSE to attend to. For instance yesterday I spent about an hour helping out a friend, I was glad for the opportunity to help her and it’s the type of person I am.

    If I am too busy that I can’t help out friends when they need* it then something is seriously wrong and needs to change.

    Mind you, in order to make helping out my friend possible I had to shift a few things, but I consider that more of #1 or #2 (occupied or bustling). But sometimes I’m most productive when I need to push just a little harder to fit everything in.

    *NOTE: when I say “need” I mean something essential, I’ve got good boundaries and I won’t be taken advantage of

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