Finding Time for Your Big Projects

girl taking notesAre you someone who knows exactly what’s on your plate? The things that need to get done daily and weekly or even monthly get done. You keep up with current clients, bills are get paid and all those other things that you regularly do in your business get done.

And you’re frustrated. Why?

Because even though you’re staying on top of all the details, you don’t have time for your bigger goals, the bigger projects that will move you into the next phase of your business.

You don’t want to stop doing the things that currently pay the bills. But you also want to find time for those other projects.

So, what do you do?

How do you add time to your week so you have time for those projects?

You take a step back and review:

  1. Time leaks – How are you currently spending your time?
    Are you spending too much time checking email? Facebook? Twitter? YouTube? Where are you spending too much time online?

    When do you tend to spend too much time on those sites? Is it triggered by something? What can you do to spend less time on that site?
    What tasks take you a long time to complete?

    Why do those tasks take so long (be kind with yourself!)? Are they tasks that you don’t like doing or are not in your skill set?

  2. Systems
    What are the things you do every week or every month? Is there a system you can create around them?

    Maybe you have a series of steps that you take each new client through. Do you have those steps documented, emails drafted and attachments all in one spot so you can quickly (and warmly) welcome them?

    Where can you add systems in your business?

  3. Hire it out
    There are some tasks that you certainly can do, but aren’t in your skill set. These could be some of the tasks you identified in “Time Leaks.” You can do them, but if you paid someone else to do it they’d do it faster and maybe even better.
    Or these tasks might be in your skill set, but your clients don’t pay you for that work.
    For example, I’m very comfortable with technology, I used to be a programmer. When it was time to put together my website I could have spent time to learn the ins and outs of WordPress and done it myself. However, I decided my time was better spent elsewhere and paid someone else to do it for me. That saved me hours of work.
    What are those things in your business?

An alternative to all of these things is to spend more time at work. While occasionally this is a necessity, it’s probably not something you want to regularly be doing.

So, what will you do to that will free up time in your work week?
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