What do all these thoughts have in common?

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“I don’t like networking because no one talks to me.”

“That group is really clicky.”

“No one there is interested in my service.”

“Walking into a room of people I don’t know is¬†really¬†intimidating.”

“Networking is hard because I’m an introvert.”

“You have to be an extrovert to network well.”

“Networking just doesn’t work for me.”

You know what all of these thoughts have in common?

They’re stories.

Stories you tell yourself to give yourself permission to not network or reach out to people.

But they feel true, don’t they?

Painfully true.

So, let’s play a game.

Think about how networking might change for you with each of these questions.

What if everyone else in that room is as scared as you are?

What if they’re not talking to you and are clicky because they’re afraid that you won’t like them.

Or because it’s just easier than putting themselves out there.

Or because they’re an introvert too.

Or because they’ve also convinced themselves that networking just doesn’t work for them.

What if you assumed that everyone there wanted to talk to you, but they don’t know how to start the conversation or approach you?

What if you assumed that the people in the clicky group would LOVE you, but they don’t know how to politely excuse themselves from the people they’re with?

What if they’d love your service if you gave them to opportunity to learn about you?

What if you have the networking advantage because you’re an introvert (seriously, you kinda do, because you skip the small talk and want to really get to know them and create a connection)?

What if networking does work for you, and you just haven’t found a way to network in a way that works for you?

What difference would this make for you and your business?

Share in the comments below. I’d love to know!

One thought on “What do all these thoughts have in common?

  1. I’m an introvert and networking STRESSES me — I discovered that it’s important for me to schedule downtown after a networking group. Even 20 minutes sitting in the comfy chair streaming peaceful music helps me.

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