More than gold

Last week I wrote about experiencing the magic of being in a group of entrepreneurs who have invested in themselves and their businesses.

This week I continued that experience with a different group of solopreneurs.

I spent three days in the company of some wonderful women (and a few super cool guys). We all arrived at Asheville, NC for learning and masterminding with our coaches, led by Christine Kane.

Again, that magic was present and there was a different layer to it because some of us have been together for almost two years.

Every time I come to Asheville for this experience I leave full of gratitude, ideas and love.

It is great connecting again with some people and connecting for the first time with others.

For me, part of the great magic of our time together is the conversations at the meals. There we share our insights, struggles, wins and really, we share ourselves on a level we don’t always do in other places.

And like last week, I want to highlight some of the women. These are women who have generously shared themselves with me and supported me and I hope I’ve been able to reciprocate.

Sue Paul is a pharmacist extraordinaire. Seriously, the knowledge this woman has about pharmaceuticals is AMAZING. Sue has been a great and constant friend at these events. She’s supportive and loving and always has a listening ear.

Sara Dickison Taylor is an executive coach. She exudes warmth and love from every pore. Sara is curious about everyone and so very supportive. I will forever remember a dinner we had with two other friends last trip and I had the pleasure of dining with her twice this trip. And she’s one of those people that just glows.

Mika Ross is a relationship coach and therapist. Mika is funny, smart and … And I think she observes a lot more than what she sometimes lets on (maybe it’s her training 🙂 ). She has a wonderful ability to lighten the mood when needed or make an insightful observation. And when she laughs, she throws her head back and lets it go, it’s wonderful to see and hear.

Cindy Harris is a graphic designer and fine artist. I find her fascinating. She has a quiet strength about her and joy. She observes much and I have a feeling she doesn’t share even half of what’s going through her head. And while she’s taking in everything around her, her eyes beautifully sparkle.

Debby Lissaur is a Gallup-Certified Strength Coach. Debbie is someone that looks at me and sees me at my next step long before I can. And each trip I leave with a question or observation from her that makes me think. She’s super sharp, willing to challenge you and love you all at once.

Robbin Jorgensen is one of Christine’s strategy coaches and she also runs her own very successful business. I’ve been blessed to have her as my coach for the last several months. She’s brilliant and warm and will kick your butt when you need it. When she looks at you she really is looking at you, right to your soul. That butt kicking? It’s because she does really see what you’re capable of and she knows you can do it, even when you can’t see it or know it for yourself yet.

I’ve been blessed beyond measure to know and love these wonderful women.

And while you, dear reader, might not ever be able to meet these women in person, my hope is that you have people like this in your life. People that you grow with, are lovingly challenged by and lovingly challenge.

That community is worth more than all the gold in the world.