What actions are you avoiding?

My lack of financial consciousness

BAM! Some things hit you so hard you have to go back and listen again.

That was my experience when listening to Jonathan Fields’ interview with Kate Northrup and she said the above.

She realized where she had been looking away (my words, not hers) and when she put her attention at the place she had been avoiding, things changed for her, her business and her life improved.

The reason it hit me so hard was this part “it’s a way that I’m keeping myself small.”


When we avoid, when we look away – we allow ourselves to stay small. We allow our businesses to stay small.

For Kate Northrup staying small looked like avoiding her money problems/issues.

What actions are you avoiding? Share below.

One thought on “What actions are you avoiding?

  1. Wow is right. That one hit me too. Why do I think it’s better to stay small?
    Why do I seek approval instead of stepping into my power and abilities to serve others?
    Thanks for sharing Evie.
    Another AHA!!!


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