How to handle the unexpected

This morning I spoke about Time Blocking to WESOS Aurora (WESOS networking group and I spoke at the Aurora location).

Time blocking is basically creating a budget for your time. You create categories for your business time and assign those categories days and times in your week – much like you create categories for where you spend money and assign your money to those categories.

I shared about how important it is to do this so you are spending your time where you want to.

Someone asked what do you do when something unexpected happens, like a family emergency?

I don’t remember exactly what I said, but when an emergency occurs, you let go of the “ideal week” you created for yourself with time blocking and rely on other planning you’ve done so you know what can wait until later and what things you want to do now.

And, sometimes, it’s a big emergency and if you can find a few minutes or so all you can do is reach out to the people you have appointments with and let them know you have to cancel and you’ll reach out to reschedule later.

She was so relieved.

Sometimes we just need permission or someone else to tell us it’s okay to shift our focus.

Over the years I’ve done a few different value assessments or test (this is different than a strength assessment), and each time family is in my top three.

If I had to guess, I’d bet family is up there for you too.

For some reason, when I acknowledged that family is one of my top values, it made it easier and more “okay” to devote time to family when there was an emergency or even small ways to support them that are impactful (like taking an afternoon off so I can drive my mother-in-law home to Indiana after a doctor visit in Illinois).

And sometimes things happen that we need time to heal from or process.

Don’t forget to take time for yourself to do that too.

While you don’t need my permission to do that, if it helps, please know that you absolutely have my permission to forgo “normal” business time to support or take care of family AND yourself.

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