The networking events I didn’t go to

This is the sixth (but not final) installment of the 8 easy-to-make networking mistakes that can be avoided series.

This week I’m covering one of two mistakes that aren’t immediately apparent, but are there just the same.

The networking events I didn’t go to.

Between you and me, I like being at home. It’s comfortable, I know what to expect and I usually don’t have to have conversations with people I don’t know.

And I’m more of an introvert* than an extrovert. So, sometimes networking feels like a lot of work.

There were a lot of networking opportunities that I could have taken advantage of and other opportunities I didn’t know about because I didn’t look or ask. And I missed them (or you could say ignored), because it felt a bit too outside of my comfort zone – and I was going networking!

Isn’t going to 2 or 3 a month enough?

Answering that question is where it gets tricky.

Because it depends.

It depends on where you are in your business and where you want to go.

Every coach I’ve had has said it, I’ve seen it and I’ve heard others that I trust say it to: the fastest path to cash is individual clients. And networking is one of the best ways for them to find you.

So, when I was just starting out it was in my best interest to attend at least four if not 6-8 networking events a month.

Over the summer I was focusing on next steps for my business and was networking less.

And right now I’m focusing on growing my business, so I’m attending more events.

How many networking events make sense for you right now? Share your thoughts or questions in the comments over here.

*That means I replenish my energy stores by being at home (it doesn’t mean I’m shy or can’t have a good time away from home). And extrovert replenishes them by being out or with other people. And introverts tend to like deeper conversation and not enjoy small talk.