In December of 2016, I was challenged by my coach to start going live on Facebook each week.

I had lots of reasons (*cough* excuses *cough*) about why I couldn’t.

But he helped me realize that I had even better reasons TO do it.

It’s now over 2 years later and this is my 100th live video.

To celebrate I’m doing a Q&A or you can think of it as an AMA (Ask Me Anything).

Productivity for Solopreneurs: Insights to getting things done #100

The questions I answered were:

  • (2:05) I recently started my business and am overwhelmed with how much there is to do! Some days I have NO idea where to start. I never feel like I’m making any progress. How do I manage everything without going crazy and start making progress?
  • (7:38) When you’re just tired and don’t want to do anything, how do you get the motivation to get the things done you need to?
  • (15:17) I didn’t keep up with my bookkeeping and accounts very well and now have HOURS of work to do before I can turn it over to my accountant. How do I prevent this from happening next year?

In the video I mention the article where I reference my bookkeeping, click here for that.

And you can find the Unnamed Productivity Club by clicking here.