What do you do when you’re overwhelmed, don’t know where to start, and don’t feel like you’re making progress?

Last week was my 100th Facebook live! I did a Q&A and you can watch it by clicking here if you missed it.

I’ve been thinking about the first question that was asked.

It was “I recently started my business and am overwhelmed with how much there is to do! Some days I have NO idea where to start. I never feel like I’m making any progress. How do I manage everything without going crazy and start making progress?”

Even if you haven’t recently started your business, you can probably relate to the question (I know I can).

The quick version of what I said last week was:

  1. Look for where you can start cutting back on receiving new information
  2. Decide what you’re going to do and stick with for a bit to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

And I have more to say on this topic!

I’ll share it in this week’s Productivity for Solopreneurs: Insights to getting things done. You can watch it below..

Productivity for Solopreneurs: Insights to getting things done #101