My desk is a mess

I’m looking at my desk and I think I need to clean it off.

My desk is big.

My husband made it for himself 10+ years ago when we shared this room as a home office (when neither of us worked from home). He made it specifically to be as long as it could be in this room—the desk is 8 feet long.

And he made it deep so he would have space for things between his monitor and keyboard (this was before super thin monitors were the norm)—it’s 3 feet deep.

So, as you can imagine, there’s a lot of space for paper to accumulate.

And it gives me space to leave a few things on my desk that I might not otherwise (pictures and books).

Basically, if I’m feeling cramped at my desk, it’s not the desk’s fault 🙂

I’m remembering a question that was asked a couple weeks ago in my the event for the Q&A I did:

My desk is a mess right now and I never take time to clear it off. Seems like a time waster, yet I always stare at it and it bugs me. Is there a smart way to tackle this stuff so I can move on?

You can see the Wednesday LIVE with Evie for that here.

Is your desk a mess? Do you have any specific questions around it?
OR is your desk clean? Share your tips and tricks with me below!