All the moving pieces came together

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

Nate (my husband) had passes to the NCAA Division I Golf Tournament that is happening not too far from here (the business he works for provides Rich Harvest Farms their internet connection).

I’ve been hearing about this event for well over a month, as Nate and his boss prepared for it.

We went out over the weekend and walked around. The course is absolutely beautiful. The older part of the course is my favorite, it has many older trees that cover the landscape. And there are babbling brooks that wind their way through the course.

I marveled at all the moving pieces that came together to create a large event like this, both before, during and after the event. There are a lot of people buzzing about.

It reminded me of a couple of moving house stories and the process of goal setting and achieving. While neither probably has as many moving pieces as the event, there is quite a bit that can go into both.

They all require planning and successful interactions with other people.

For this week’s Wednesday LIVE with Evie let’s talk about that.

We’ll talk about the differences between smooth and stressful house moves (I’ve got good stories), and the commonalities between smooth house moves, the NCAA event, and goal setting and achieving.

Update: You can find the video here.