The roads weren’t on her map! (A cute story about being lost)

Scene: My sweet aunt-in-law has an appointment with a new-to-her specialist in the neighboring town.

‚ÄčArmed with the address and a map, she leaves extra early to find the office. But she can’t find it and misses her appointment.

Later, my lovely mother-in-law (her sister) tries to help her find it.

Neither woman has a smartphone; what they do have is their trusty paper map.

Together they attempt to find the office using their map.

They fail two more times and miss another appointment.

Nate (my husband) and I visit later that week, and they tell their frustrating story.

Nate pulls up Google Maps on his laptop and pops in the address. My MIL is confused; some roads aren’t on her map!

The problem?

The trusty paper map that has served them well for many years was dated 2007. It didn’t show the redevelopment that happened for a new Walmart that went in around 2012. 

The office they were looking for was in an older building that is BEHIND the Walmart.

I love these ladies and their can-do attitudes dearly. 

They were determined to figure it out by themselves and didn’t hesitate to ask for help after their attempts failed.

What does this cute little story have to do with you?

Are there areas of your business that aren’t working as well as they used to?

Maybe things that used to be easy or go like clockwork don’t anymore. 

It might be time to take a step back and reevaluate the situation.

And, in some cases, ask a trusted outsider for help or perspective.

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