The Business Bunny Hop

I’ve heard some version of “I feel like for every two steps forward I take, I also take a step back” over the past couple of weeks.

It makes me think of the bunny hop (forward, backward, hop, hop, hop, and then a little dance).

It’s not always forward movement, but overall, you are making progress.

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re not moving forward, despite all the work you’re doing.

Other times you move forward and then find yourself back where you started.

Then there are those times where it feels like you made significant progress.

Where ever you find yourself, know that you’re on the dance floor. It’s all part of the business bunny hop.

If you’re ready for more consistent forward movement in your business, let me know, because I can help you with this! Comment below or send me a message letting me know you want to set up a Strategy Session with me.