Start with a doable goal that leads you to the BIG goal you’re dreaming of

You might have heard me say that I don’t set BIG goals.

BIG goals don’t motivate me.

They tend to feel so outside my realm of possibility that it feels futile even to try to attempt them.

When I do set BIG goals, I make grand plans and then do nothing.

Instead, I focus on doable goals.

However, recently I realized that I do have BIG goals for my business. I want to help a lot of people and make more money too.

I also know that I can’t get there from where I am in 30 days.

Success builds.

I focus on a doable goal that will be the foundation of the next goal.

You won’t have an $8,000+ month until you have a $5,000+ month. And before you have a $5,000 month, you might need to set your sights on a $4,000 or $3,000 month. And before those, you had a $500 month and $1,000 month.

That’s a lot of numbers to say this: start with a doable goal that leads you to the BIG goal you’re dreaming of.

A mistake I made early in my business (and I hear my clients say that they’ve done this too) was setting a goal to make $5000 in the next month because I didn’t want to “play small,” but I’d never had a $1,000 month at that point.

Instead of celebrating that milestone in my business (WHOOHOO! I had my FIRST $1,000 month), I beat myself up for only accomplishing 20% of my goal.

I served those clients and didn’t do anything else because I felt like a failure and fraud.

What if I had celebrated instead?

What if I had recognized that this was a huge accomplishment for my business at the time and could be a building block for future successes?

My business would be much different now.

I wish that my experience was a rarity.

But it’s not.

When I do goal setting with my clients or the Next Level Business Mastermind members, I suggest that they set doable goals so they can feel a sense of completion and celebrate their goals. Sometimes hear a sigh of relief at this.

Success builds.

Success builds on experience, failure, ideas, and it builds on itself.

I encourage you to set a doable goal for your business this month with an eye toward the BIG goal you’re dreaming of.

I’d love to know your doable goal and the BIG goal it’s leading you to! Leave a comment and let me know.