Creating your current IDEAL WEEK

Last week I shared my “to-do list system” (if you missed it or want to read it again you can find it here).

This week, as the subject line suggests, I’m sharing how to create your current “Ideal Week.”

I say “current” because sometimes when people talk about “ideal weeks” they’re talking about how things will look and feel when you hit that goal or are “where you want to be.”

What I mean for Ideal Week is, how you’d like your current week to flow.

To get started write down:

  1. The things you do daily and how long you spend on each one (meditating, reading, exercising, checking email, checking social media, making phone calls, whatever it is for you)
  2. The things you do each week and how long it takes to complete them (Each step of sending your NL, creating social media posts, networking, phone calls, etc)
  3. How much time you spend with clients each week/day – or how much time you want to spend (I generally have client calls on Wed and Thu).
  4. When are you working? What are your hours? When do you start and when do you leave?
  5. When is lunch and how long?

Start blocking out the time on a calendar where you can see the entire week by the hour.

I created a separate Google calendar just for this. With my Google calendars I can see my business/personal calendar and my ideal calendar at the same time and move things around as needed – this way I make sure I don’t forget something I do weekly (wait, didn’t I do that already, nope, that was LAST week).

Here’s what to do with that week calendar:

  1. Decide if you’re doing Monday-Friday, the entire week or something else
  2. Add lunch to each day
  3. Add the things you do each day
  4. Add your client time to the week
  5. Add the things you do each week
  6. Add time to plan next week to Friday or whenever works best for you
  7. Breathe!
  8. The remaining time is for your business building projects. Those tasks on your MASTER list that don’t fit into any of the categories that have already been added.

Depending on how full your week is, it might not seem like there’s a lot of time left for the projects – THAT’S OKAY. Knowing that will help you NOT to over plan your week. And if you can always adjust your Ideal Week as needed (it’s YOUR week after all).

You can watch the Wednesday Live with Evie I did on this topic here.

What are your questions around this? Maybe you’re wondering how to set this up for yourself? Comment below with your questions.