The time and energy black hole of email

One of the things that used to feel like a black hole of time and energy, especially in my business, was my email.

Seriously, there was so much of it.

I regularly had 100 unread emails and most of those were weekly newsletters or updates from businesses or people I wanted to stay connected with.

But a lot of it was just stuff that I hadn’t sorted through yet and some were things that needed to be decided or done.

About once a month I would turn on the TV to a series or movie that I’d seen many times before and spend a couple hours on my laptop going through it. And I’d be frustrated by the things that I should have already responded to or interesting things I’d missed because I didn’t decide on it (or see it) when it arrived in my inbox.

This changed for me about three weeks ago. And I currently have under 20 emails in my inbox and a majority of them are from today or the long weekend.

Let’s talk about managing your email for this week’s (well, tomorrow’s) Wednesday LIVE with Evie.

I’ll share what I changed that allowed me to go from normally having over 100 emails to under 20.

Let me know your email frustrations and I’ll make sure to cover that tomorrow on the LIVE.

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Update: You can watch this Wednesday LIVE with Evie here.