5 Steps to ROCK 2015

5 Steps to ROCK 2015December is an interesting month for me.

I find myself wrapping things up in many different ways.

Some obvious, like wrapping gifts for family and friends.

Others more metaphorical, like wrapping up projects (and finances!) for the year.

And with all that wrapping up, I find myself thinking about unwrapping next year.

What will it bring? What do I want it to bring? What am I hoping it will bring?

So, I bring you these same questions I’m asking myself.

When you take the time to complete each step, you’ll have a list (or at least one person) of what you need to be supported and grow in 2015.


And first, a bit of preparation.

Take a couple minutes to be silent and breathe. Just notice your breath. Sometimes I like to mentally say “in” and “out” to give the voices in my head something to do (come on, you know you have them too!).

Step 1:

Once you’ve taken some time to quiet yourself ask these questions:

  • What will 2015 bring?
  • What do I want 2015 to bring?
  • What am I hoping it will bring?

Yes, they’re similar questions, but the wording speaks to different parts of our heads and hearts.

Want to really get a lot out of this?

Go grab a piece of paper, notebook or your journal and write out the questions AND, more importantly, take time to write out your answers.

Step 2:

Next, review your answers and pull out your most important goals – whether that’s growing your business to the next level, improving a specific aspect of your business or something else.

Another way to think about it is: if I only accomplish ONE thing this year, what one thing would I find the most joy in or feel the most satisfaction about?

Step 3:

What support, guidance or training do I want or need to successfully accomplish that ONE thing?

A quick note here, there probably isn’t just one thing you need here – if there is, it’s probably a larger thing you can break down a bit.

For example, if “growing my business to the next level” is yours, you might have said something like “work with someone who can help me grow my business to the next level.” If you can, break it down a bit, what specifically in your business do you need help with to grow your business?

And if you can’t break it down, maybe the first thing is to get support or guidance to help determine what you need to do to grow your business to the next level.

Step 4:

Who do I know that can offer that support, guidance or training?
OR who do I know that will know someone else that can offer that support, guidance or training?

Step 5:

Call or email the person you identified in step 4!

Can’t do that right now? Put it on your calender!

Of course, if one of your answers to Step 3 was around networking or staying in touch with people, then I’d love to have a Strategy Session with you!