Goal setting & contradicting advice

Since it’s the beginning of a new year, the topic that I’m seeing everywhere is goal setting.

And I’m seeing a lot of contradicting advice.

Some people say you should set BIG goals and you’re wasting your time if you don’t.

But other people say setting BIG goals paves the way to failure and you should set small, easily achievable goals instead.

So, what are you supposed to do?

That’s what the topic of this week’s Wednesday Live with Evie was.

In the video below I share:

Specifically, I share:

  • Why they say to set BIG goals
  • Why they say to NOT set big goals, but smaller more achievable ones instead
  • What you should actually do

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #49

Here’s what I share:

  • Why they say to set BIG goals (3:00)
    • Big goals can motivate and excite you
    • They can give you space to dream
    • They can force you to try new and different things, to stretch yourself
    • When you set a big goal you might be more willing to change behavior or start a new habit
    • With small goals, you might lose interest or dismiss your accomplishments
  • Why they say to NOT set big goals, but smaller achievable ones instead (4:00)
    • When you hit a bump in the road with BIG goals you might lose momentum and motivation
    • Because BIG goals can be beyond our reach, if someone fails at reaching that goal, they might feel like they failed and give up and their motivation and productivity may decline
    • From Psychology Today in April 2017 (4:40)
      • “People who disengage from seemingly impossible goals are mentally healthier than those who stay entrapped .”
        In other words, it’s unhealthy to stay committed to a BIG goal that is impossible
      • “…decisions made on the basis of false predicted happiness are likely to turn out to fail to maximize eventual experienced happiness.”
        In other words, don’t create BIG goals based on being happier, you’ll be disappointed.
    • Smaller achievable goals are easier to accomplish and can give us the satisfaction of seeing progress made and keep us motivated
    • Obstacles feel less impossible to work through
  • ​​​​​​​What you should actually do (8:00)
    • First, know that we’re all wired differently
    • Know what works for you, what motivates you?
      • Are you motivated by big hairy audacious goals?
      • Or do those intimidate you? And do you prefer to focus on the things you can accomplish in the shorter term
    • How do you work? What’s been motivating to you in the past?
      • Having big goals?
      • Or do you focus on the smaller accomplishments?
    • What I do (10:30)
      • I tend to set smaller attainable goals while keeping a bigger goal in mind
      • So, I have the big goal that I want to accomplish, and I’ve broken it down into smaller steps that I focus on.
    • If you’re a bigger goal type of person (11:15)
      • Your BIG goal is probably more well defined and has more details
      • I still recommend breaking it down into smaller pieces
      • But it will be more motivating to you to keep the bigger goal in mind as you do the smaller pieces
  • Take Your Productivity to a New Level (14:00)

How far you’ve come (vs How far you have to go)

Welcome to December!

What is December made up of for you?

Is it a fun time of family, food, and joy?

Is it a time to slow down, review, and take a break?

Or, as I hear from so many people, is it a super busy time of business and family?

I hear many people talk about how they’re trying to get their business wrapped up for the year, their free time is consumed with holiday decorating and gift buying and trips away to see family (which is fun and sometimes stressful).

(And check out this video on self-care – it includes things that you might not think about like drinking water and grabbing some alone time if you’re an introvert networking and things that you might think about like massages)

And I know in the past, this is the time of the year where I might avoid goal setting because it means I’ll look at what didn’t go well, where I failed, and I’ll think about just how far I’ve yet to go.

So, for this week’s Wednesday LIVE with Evie we talk about How far you’ve come (vs How far you have to go). 

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #46

What to do to be more productive

Thursday is Thanksgiving!

But you already knew that 🙂

This week I thought about talking about self-care (and I probably will in December), but instead I’ve been thinking about how to be more productive and get more things done.

Especially since this is a short week and I plan to take the week of Christmas off (and there’s a lot I want to do between now and January).

I thought perhaps you’re feeling a bit of the same.

So, I talked about that for this week’s Wednesday LIVE with Evie.

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #44

Weekly and daily planning

Are you thinking about Thanksgiving already?

I am because we’ve been coordinating with our families for what days we’ll be where. Checking and rechecking people’s schedules to make sure that we have the days right and can maximize our family time.

It’s all sorted now and we know our plans for Thursday and Friday.

I’ve also been thinking about the different ways people plan their days and weeks.

In my experience, both personal and from working with my clients, I’ve noticed there are some universal things that work (and generally don’t work).

I talk about that below.

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #43

It’s not Greek (and goal achieving)

Over the weekend I started thinking about “if then else” statements.

It’s usually something like “if (x = y) then {do this} else {do this}”.

If it’s Greek to you, that’s okay.

In my previous career, I was a computer programmer, so it’s not that weird that it would pop to mind.

And it’s one of the most basic statements in programming. All programming languages have it.

Seriously, I think programming is less about the particular programming language you’re using and more about if you can logically break something down into smaller pieces.

Business can be similar.

We have goals that we want to accomplish and they need to be broken down to actually accomplish them.

So, for this week’s Wednesday LIVE with Evie we talked about goal setting.

We went over what gets in the way and the basics of successful goal setting. After all, 2018 is just around the corner!

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #42