The 3 questions to answer for faster decision making

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #39

Have you ever been offered something and later realized it would have been *exactly* what you needed?

Or had someone share a product or service that looks interesting, but you’re not sure how to decide if it’s something you actually need right now?

There are three question you can ask yourself that will help you quickly determine if it’s the right fit for you.

Saying no with confidence

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #38

Have you ever been in any of these scenarios?

  • Receiving end of a sales conversation where you aren’t interested and just want to leave
  • You’ve done a free session someone offered and it went well, but you’re not interested in working with them further, but you *have* to listen to the pitch anyway
  • You’re having coffee with a fellow business owner and they are so excited about what they’re doing and they tell you ALL the details about ALL the things they’re offering, but you’re not interested, at all.

I’ve been there!

It takes up our time and energy! Time and energy that could have been spent on other things!

In this week’s Wednesday LIVE with Evie I shared

  • personal stories about saying no (or where I should have) and break each of them down and look at how I reacted and who I was being in each situation
  • how to overcome the uncomfortableness and awkwardness of telling someone no
  • how to confidently, politely, and firmly say no

This one was fun (I have some good stories)! And we end up, inadvertently, talking about sales conversations.

Have you normalized your distractions?

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #37

Are some distractions so much a part of your day that you don’t even notice them anymore?

Instead of being distractions, they’re just part of your day or just the normal way things happen.

I talk about how to recognize these things as distractions (and time sucks) and what to do about it.

I share:

  • How to recognize these things as distractions (and time sucks)
  • One normalized distraction I didn’t even think about until a viewer shared it!

Be sure to read the comments on this one, there are some great tidbits there!

Thoughts on trust and intention

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #36

Have you ever been told when making a decision to make it and to just “trust that everything is going to work out”? Or setting a goal or an intention and heard “set your intention, but don’t be attached to them”?

They have a ring of truth to them, but I’ve always felt that something was missing, an insight or a detail that would make them click for me.

I heard something over the weekend that provided that click.

We talked about that and how it changed how I understand those two phrases.

Managing email

Wednesday LIVE with Evie #35

Does your email feel like a black hole of time and energy?

Mine did.

About once a month I would turn on the TV to a series or movie that I’d seen many times before and spend a couple hours on my laptop going through it. And I’d be frustrated by the things that I should have already responded to or interesting things I’d missed because I didn’t decide on it (or see it) when it arrived in my inbox.

This changed for me about three weeks ago. And I currently have under 20 emails in my inbox and a majority of them are from today or the long weekend.

We talk about managing your email for this Wednesday LIVE with Evie.

I share what I changed that allowed me to go from normally having over 100 emails to under 20.