Creating your current IDEAL WEEK

Last week I shared my “to-do list system” (if you missed it or want to read it again you can find it here). This week, as the subject line suggests, I’m sharing how to create your current “Ideal Week.” I say “current” because sometimes when people talk about “ideal weeks” they’re talking about how things will look and feel when you hit that goal or are “where you want to be.” What I mean for Ideal Week is, how you’d … Continue reading

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Creating the 3 lists prevent overwhelm

Wednesday Live with Evie When I don’t create these lists I get very overwhelmed because it feels like everything has to be done now and then I do nothing but watch YouTube or play silly games on my phone. When I am working with these three lists, something amazing happens—I get a lot done and I’m NOT overwhelmed. This happens because I feel like I have a plan in place (because I do) and it will all get done. Here’s … Continue reading

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How to create the 3 lists that prevent overwhelm

Last week someone in a Facebook group I’m in asked for suggestions and tips on a “to-do list system.” What she was currently doing wasn’t working. I responded and then realized I’ve never shared this method with you – although I’ve talked about it broad terms before. Before I get into the nitty gritty, I’m reminded that about 4 years ago I did a very informal productivity survey over the phone with some of my business buddies and acquaintances. When I asked … Continue reading

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How do you react to life’s unexpected twists?

The past few days have had a couple of unexpected twists! Nothing bad happened, just unexpected. We weren’t able to see Nate’s sister and her husband over the holidays and found out late last week that they were going to be visiting Nate’s parents. So, we spent Sunday afternoon and evening there. On Saturday I took my car in for an overdue oil change. And I found out that a gasket was going bad and my car was slowly leaking oil. … Continue reading

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Wrapping things up

Welcome to 2017! I’ve spent the last couple days dreaming what I want 2017 to look like and doing some planning. No surprise there though 🙂 Today I had planned on wrapping up that planning, but instead found myself wrapping up a different project. I completed my last promotional task for ICF Chicago. I’m grateful for the time I spent volunteering with ICFC, but it also feels good to be done. From there I dove into my email. Gmail manages my email … Continue reading

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