How can I possibly prioritize?

But everything I need to do is important! How can I possibly prioritize? How do I easily start keeping track of my to do’s when I haven’t been for a while? I’ve read both these things over the past week in various places (or versions of them). Let me share a story about a woman named Anne with you. She wanted to have a successful business, be involved in organizations she believed in, and spend time with her family. And … Continue reading

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Task Management for Entrepreneurs – Live Stream #1

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Role models and productivity

I’ve been thinking about role models recently. You have role models, even if you can’t immediately name them. They can be the entrepreneurs or businesses that you LOVE. The people and businesses that you’d like to step into and work toward. They can also be the people and businesses that you don’t really love so much. The ones that you respect, but know their way isn’t your way. Or, sometimes, it’s the businesses you don’t respect and you DON’T want … Continue reading

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How to decide to say no

How to decide to say NO

Sometimes, we receive requests or opportunities that sound great, but might not actually be right for us. So, how do you decide what to say no to? I share my thoughts in the video below. Share how you decide to say no in the comments.

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November Book Review (Ask)

This month’s book review is for “Ask : The counterintuitive online formula to discover exactly what your customers want to buy…create a mass of raving fans…and take any business to the next level” by Ryan Levesque. Yes, the title is that long. In my opinion, the title should be “Ask : Take any online business to the next level” The difference is this book is really for already successful online businesses. And I’ll be completely honest, once I realized that I lightly skimmed the … Continue reading

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