Looking away by looking toward something else

The last two weeks we’ve looked at “looking away” here and here. This week the theme continues! Looking away sometimes looks like looking toward something else. For example, you want to call that person you met networking earlier this week to set up a coffee meeting next week. But then you remember these other things that have to be done before next week and you get to work. Suddenly, it’s too late to make a phone call (I call this productive … Continue reading

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Looking away when networking

Last week I gave you space to contemplate where you might be looking away. If you haven’t read it or taken some time to reflect, you can find last week’s article here. This week let’s look at one of places you might be looking away: your networking. I bet you’ve done it. I know I have and most people do. It most often happens in that uncomfortable moment when you part from the person you were talking with, or when … Continue reading

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Looking away

I’ve been thinking about the topic of “looking away” for almost two weeks. It’s shown up for me in many places and I’ve wanted to write about it here. So, we’ll be exploring this topic for the next couple weeks. This week let’s look at what I mean by “looking away.” It’s those places in your life or business that are uncomfortable to look at for too long, for whatever reason. Looking away from conversations, actions, events, beliefs or even … Continue reading

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Throw yourself a pity party

Pity Party

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that some of us are coming up against our stuff. Maybe you’re there too. Maybe for a bit your goals felt too big and the path there too daunting. And everything that comes your way is another thing to add to your already heavy load. You feel like you’re just waiting for that proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. So, what do you do? There are several ways to handle it. Some people … Continue reading

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Networking in a way that didn’t work for me

This is the seventh (and final) installment of the 8 easy-to-make networking mistakes that can be avoided series. This week I’m covering the second of two mistakes that aren’t immediately apparent, but are there just the same. Networking in a way that didn’t work for me because I saw it work for someone else or I read that it was the way networking should be done. This one I made a bit later on, when I started to realize that maybe I could be doing more than … Continue reading

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