…and you can still have a great experience

Sometimes things don't go as planned

Have you ever wanted to fully experience something, but for whatever reason, not been able to experience it in the way you pictured it? Last year at this time I wanted to be in Asheville, North Carolina, with everyone else in the program I had just joined. It was the first retreat for most of us – the energy and excitement was high. And I chose not to go. I could say I couldn’t go, but it was a choice … Continue reading

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How you do anything is how you do everything…

How you do anything is how you do everything - especially under stress.

Note: I’m fine and well taken care of. Details of my “episodes” are at the end of the post (I share because I know you might be curious, not because I’m looking for advice). I had an episode at the gym last month – a bad one by my standards (I don’t know what it is by other’s). It was a bathroom trip, juice box, another bathroom trip, lay down on the floor and have an ice pack episode. And then … Continue reading

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Question of the Fortnight #7

How do you pick new networking groups or events to attend? Share your answer in the comments below! What is a fortnight? It’s 14 days or 2 weeks. What is “Question of the Fortnight?” Every other week I’ll ask a question here on the blog. Through out the two weeks I’ll update the blog post with some of your answers. These will be from the comments below, from people I see networking and any other way I happen to receive … Continue reading

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Do the work and keep showing up

Last week’s topic was about the shift that takes us from beating ourselves up to celebrating where we are and doing the work with less frustration and more ease. But what causes that shift? What leads to the change in perspective? This is where I’d argue we really want that magic pill – a pill for that change in perspective. Something that takes us from frustrated and overworked to excited about what’s next. About a year ago I joined a … Continue reading

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Doing the work, success, comparing and energy

In the past, I’ve written about magic pills - how sometimes all you want is someone to just tell you what to do so you can follow the predefined steps and have instant success and income. In some part of you brain, you know that it’s not possible – but it doesn’t always stop you from looking. Sometimes you jump into something that looks and feels like it is exactly what we need. But it doesn’t work the way you want. AND then it gets even more frustrating … Continue reading

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