What do all these thoughts have in common?

woman thinking "what if..."

“I don’t like networking because no one talks to me.” “That group is really clicky.” “No one there is interested in my service.” “Walking into a room of people I don’t know is really intimidating.” “Networking is hard because I’m an introvert.” “You have to be an extrovert to network well.” “Networking just doesn’t work for me.” You know what all of these thoughts have in common? They’re stories. Stories you tell yourself to give yourself permission to not network or reach … Continue reading

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More than gold

Last week I wrote about experiencing the magic of being in a group of entrepreneurs who have invested in themselves and their businesses. This week I continued that experience with a different group of solopreneurs. I spent three days in the company of some wonderful women (and a few super cool guys). We all arrived at Asheville, NC for learning and masterminding with our coaches, led by Christine Kane. Again, that magic was present and there was a different layer to … Continue reading

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I was captivated

I recently was in Las Vegas (well, just outside) for a business conference. This conference brought together all types of solopreneurs. We all had different businesses, but do you know what we all had in common? None of us live in or around Las Vegas. All of us either got on a plane or drove for hours to be there. Have you ever experienced an event full of solopreneurs of different businesses and backgrounds, investing in themselves and their businesses? … Continue reading

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As powerful and strong as you allow

What’s your first step this week? Share below.

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Re-set your intention

reset button

Have you ever prepared for something, planned it out and got everything done that you could in advance and then something goes wrong? Did it throw you into a tizzy? Maybe you felt like all the hard work you did was for nothing? Well, I had an experience that could have easily gone like that this week. And I followed my own advice (it’s also the advice of every coach that I’ve ever worked with or known). What was the advice? Set … Continue reading

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