Question of the Fortnight: What is your best networking tip?

What is a fortnight? It’s 14 days or 2 weeks. Why am I talking about fortnights? Because I want the question to be out there for more than one week and less then a month (I thought about doing a question of the week or month). A month seemed too long and a week didn’t seem long enough. And biweekly can be a confusing term (does it mean twice a week or every two weeks?). So, I borrowed a word … Continue reading

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What do you really control?


Have you ever noticed how much we don’t have control over? We can’t control the weather, our friends and family or other drivers. Sometimes this can be rather frustrating. Where is spring? Why is it still chilly here? Why is that person tailgating me? Who’s going to be nice and let me change lanes? So, it’s natural to nod our heads in agreement when someone says that being in control of our lives is just an illusion. After all, just look at the list … Continue reading

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What are the unimportant things you want to spend less time on?

I’ve been thinking about the quote I used in last week’s post: Everything changed the day she figured out there was exactly enough time for the important things in her life. - Brian Andreas What needs to change so there is enough time for the important things? What immediately pops to mind is that you need to know what the important things are. I talked about this a bit in last week’s post. The less obvious thing you need to know is what are the … Continue reading

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What Do You Need Right Now?

business person deciding road to take

What areas of your life are the most important right now (keeping in mind that these change on occasion)? List the top two or three. Is it family, your business, church, friends, an organization you belong to or something else? Now, for each of those areas what things are the highest priority – the way that you most want to spend your time with them or will move you toward your goals? So, for family it might be spending one night … Continue reading

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How Free Are Free Offers?

Free stamp

How are you spending your time? Is it with a lot of free offers? Free opportunities? My free of choice for a long time was teleclasses – meaning if you had a teleclass with some information I though might be useful to me at any point in my business, then I signed up! I see other people doing the same thing. Sometimes it’s a free teleclasses, sometimes its a free consultation. Sometimes it’s something else, but it’s free, therefore it costs us nothing, right? What we forget about these free things is that they take time. And suddenly … Continue reading

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