The “Hard Work” of Business

Blog 20160428

“Hard work” is a term I’ve struggled with for a long time. It just feels sooo “Ugh.” So much like it implies forcing things to happen. And I had an aha about it that I share in the video below.

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April Book Reviews (Abundance Now and Pilot to Profit)

"Abundance Now" and "Pilot to Profit" book covers

Since my March book review, I’ve read two books. You can see them above. And the reviews are below. I’d love to know 2 things in the comments: Have you read these books? What’s your review? What should I read next month? If it’s already on my to-read list, it’s probably a shoe in. You can see that here. Abundance NOW by Lisa Nichols This book is fabulous for someone starting to learn about abundance mentality. And it might help to be … Continue reading

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I should be setting those goals… Right?


Can I tell you something that causes some of my coach friends to tilt their head at me and say “really?” I don’t like setting 5 year goals, or 3 year goals for that matter. It freaks me out. And then I wonder what’s wrong because I should be setting those goals right? AND if I’m a good coach then I should be encouraging my clients to do that too, right? I recently started reading “Abundance Now” and when I … Continue reading

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These are a few of my favorite things… from March – Part 2

3 of my favorite things from March AND a bonus at the end 🙂 What are some of you favorite things from March? Share in the comments below!

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These are a few of my favorite things… from March – Part 1

Over the past month or so I’ve shared a lot on my Facebook page. I’ve pulled some of my favorites and share them below. Quotes …most people unconsciously dream themselves out of their goals. They dream so far past their current reality—or what’s currently possible—that they end up abandoning their goals and damaging their own self-esteem. — Lisa Nichols, Abundance Now Our outer world will always be a reflection of our inner world. Our level of success is always going … Continue reading

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