What to do when you want to work and enjoy the season at the same time

Do you have this interesting thing that happens at this time of year where you simultaneously want to slow down and also get ALL THE THINGS done?

Maybe it’s just me?

Doing fun and cozy things call to me to leave my office and work and partake of them.

But I also have new ideas percolating and the implementation of previous new ideas.

I think this is why people want to clone themselves. One part can stay in the office and satisfy that need to get ALL THE THINGS done and the other part can watch movies, do puzzles, and hang out with family.

It’s an interesting combination in my head.

Maybe yours too?

I don’t have a perfect way to handle it (I’d love to hear your suggestions!).

There are things I do that help.

When I’m working and I want to abandon all things for a new puzzle or movie these are some things I do:

  • Have a list of what I want to get done that day (and it might be a little shorter than what it would be at other times)
  • Work from the list (yes, I’m writing this out because I’m sure I’m not the only one that writes the list and then occasionally abandons it for other tasks)
  • Give myself a time that I get to put work away regardless of what is left on the list (with the understanding that I can do that without guilt or frustration)
For the times when I’m with family, watching a movie, or doing a puzzle and I’m thinking of all the work I could be completing or have an idea that just seems fabulous I have some other ideas.

If I’m with family I have a notebook close by or app on my phone (textpad, memo, or something else really simple) that I can quickly write down ideas or things to do that popup.

If I’m by myself it can be trickier. 

Do I stop what I’m doing to go do the thing that pops into my head? Generally no. 

I’ve already created some boundaries so I respect them and my personal time. 

So, the advice above is used here too. However, if I have an idea I might take a couple of minutes to do some quick research or write out some details of the idea.

Do you have both these things happening at this time of year too? What are your suggestions?

I talk about this in the video below.