Why Are You Waiting?

Do you ever wonder: when will it be my turn? When does my life start being about me and not about everyone and everything else? Maybe you feel guilty about feeling that way or maybe you’re counting down the days to something that signifies more time for you.

A long weekend means extra days off work and you probably look forward to those right? Do you spend time doing things you want to do, things just for you? Or are your long weekends filled with running here to this party and there for that event?

Do you have a vacation planned? You look forward to those, a few days, a week or maybe more away from work! Only when you’re on vacation you’re spending so much time seeing and doing everything that you need another day of vacation just to recover!

Or maybe you’re waiting for things to calm down at work, your next promotion, your next job, your time on that committee to be over, a child to start school, a teen to start college, or your retirement.

There’s always something to wait for, an event to be over or a milestone to be reached before you decide that now you get to take time to do the things that you want to do. What is it that you’re waiting for? And more importantly why are you waiting?

No really, why are you waiting?

Review your values and priorities and make changes to how you spend your time. Things won’t change unless you change them. No one is going to make sure that you do the things that are important to you but you.

What’s one small thing you can do in the next week that will move you closer to life being what you want and how can I support you in that?